The Diamond Moon Festival started out as a result of Tusk House being too much fun.

After being shut down by the police for being too loud, Case and the very loud, Complicated Business boys, Ronan, Rude Boy  and Jack decided a party was just what Phnom Penh needed.

So what started out as a sensational drunken idea for a couple of bands and some loud speakers has since blossomed into what is now promising to be the greatest party PP has seen.

Case approached Scott Neeson from Cambodian Children’s Fund and asked to build the festival around the amazing work Scott and his team at CCF are doing every day for the children and families in Cambodia that need the most help.

The Diamond Moon Festival has been completely funded by Tusk House and all profits are going directly to CCF.

We now have over 10 musical artists and 5 Urban artists along side many other local and international performers lining up to keep the party rocking.

Diamond Island will never be the same and this is just the beginning for The Diamond Moon Festival.

See you all there.