Theo Vallier

French artist Théo VALLIER has lived and worked in Phnom Penh since 2007 where he explores the theme of streets and their movement. He has exhibited in France (Paris and Marseille) and Cambodia, enjoys working in multiple media and continues to experiment with different techniques in painting, graphic art, Graffiti, photography and silk-screen.

David Myers

David Myers is a Cambodian street artist and illustrator. Still in university, he is pursuing an education degree specialising in humanities and art. He has painted and exhibit his work in places all over Cambodia, as well as France and Thailand. Ranging from acrylic house paint to aerosol spray paint, he likes to use these mediums to portray his subjects which tend to be animals; the animals are sometimes portrayed in a geometrical and cubist fashion or at times in a surreal storybook matter. Through these depictions, the artist seeks to highlight characteristics of those animals that can be seen in us humans.


Young British street art Thomas discovered his love of and natural talent for urban art whilst travelling through south east Asia. He has made a name for himself since as a high level muralist and writer specializing in ultra realistic portraits . Following his time in Vietnam, Mate2 visited the kingdom of Cambodia earlier this year and created a number of pieces including an amazing tribute to Tiny Toones founder KK.


Young Cambodian street artists Daniel Ou and the pseudonymous Mike met in 2015 at a skateboard shop, and quickly began working together. They are undeniable cool kids:

They started OMENS to highlight the significance of our generation and street culture. They wanted to show that their generation can make something that is important, and that these creations can last for a lifetime. To construct a brand that values profound artistry through both the light and dark elements it resonates. The vocabulary for the brand serves to foreshadow a movement that is priceless, important and emotional not just through clothes but through the lifestyle of specific groups of people of this generation.

OMENS is a group of individuals. Through a pack they represent the spirit of wolves, an omen of true strength.