Complicated Business

You shouldn’t go see Complicated Business. If you’re into an ecclectic mix of balls out rock, original tracks and really cool hats, you may as well just crochet yourself into a sweater . If you want to keep your cell phone dry and your wallet tight, dont make these guys a part of your night. If you prefer your entertainment fully clothed and your dignity intact, you’re reading the wrong bio. Full stop.

These lads were born in a swimming pool in Kratie province and raised in the waters of Tusk. Now they carry enough guitars to match their inflated egos. You can expect to see Rude Boy (vocals/guitar), The Doddler (vocals/guitar), Ronan (arms/vocals/guitar), and Cade and Brad holding it together on drums and bass. So if you’re into faux socially concious song lyrics and basic chord progressions forget what you thought might be a good time. To keep this dysfunctional pentaway viable dont bother coming. Just leave your donations on the bar, stay at home and call your Mum.

Diamond Moon Festival

Hypnotic Fist Technique

Like the single blow of a master splitting a tree in half, it happened faster than a blink itself. Hip hop, reggae, funk, and fire fused together into a single sonic blast leaving 6 individuals in a smoky haze taking their first steps toward immortality.
Hypnotic Fist Technique is a live, freestyle hip hop, reggae outfit that emerged in Phnom Penh in 2016. Fusing a variety of styles into a stage show where anything can happen, HFT has created an organic sound with a relentless swagger.
As the students grow to replace the teacher, Hypnotic Fist Technique meets every challenge with a simple wave of the hand.

Diamond Moon Festival

Kampot Playboys

The Playboys blend rock, groove and pyschedelia with Khmer vocals and the traditional textures of the Tro Sau Toch, a Khmer bowed instrument. Brothers Mark and Ben Chattaway provide driving bass and drums while Uk Sokchiet and Bong Tro take care of vocals, guitar and tro. Frontman Chiet is good at rousing the audience into a frenzy and behind him the band plays loud and hard. Consequently their shows usually have great energy and an accompanying air of ’anything could happen.”

They are not limited to the Khmer 60s rock and play a range of traditional tunes as well as touching on western pop and rock with a unique Cambodian flavor. The great vocals and presence of Chiet up the front makes sure of that, and his energy fills the crowd with the essence of the rock culture – Cambodian style. He is backed with a great array of rocking beats and dance-able rhythms.

Diamond Moon Festival

Phnom Skor

“Dirty blues’ refers not to the lyrics but to the distinctive, deliberately lo-fi yet in many respects technically masterful sound. Part punk, part grunge, part eerie, with wicked dissonance and baroque features, it is always informed and inspired by back-to-the-roots Delta blues. Overdriven acoustic slide guitar, minor open tunings, a scratchy 1930s Dobro resonator and a full-blooded Les Paul pair with sublime bass lines, carefully orchestrated drum rhythms, and growling, gritty blues vocals.”

Diamond Moon Festival

Miss Sarawan Band

The band is a mixed Khmer and English language band performing originals and some covers. The style of music is a Khmer-Western fusion comprising of elements of classic Cambodian ‘Golden Era’ rock’n’roll together with cool retro Western sounds of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Imagine if David Lynch ever made a movie in Cambodia – Miss Sarawan would provide the soundtrack.

Diamond Moon Festival


Nadège teri aka Romea is a french producer/singer based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
After years on the road through Europe, India and south-America with her previous band “Andromakers”, Romea decided to take a fresh start by moving on the other side of the world.

Lover of the 80’s and 90’s scene, she creates a personal and nostalgic electro-music inspired by hip-hop, lo-fi and R&b with analog synths and home-made samples. Romea is currently working on new material to be released very soon.

Diamond Moon Festival

Lisha & Me12

Jessica Srin aka MC Lisha, is a Khmer independent female rapper. Firing mercilessly tight verse in English, Khmer, Lao and Jarai,
Lisha is a coveted partner in the local freestyle circuit.
One of the small handful of female MCs in Phnom Penh.
Lisha has been featured on songs by many artists around the globe.

12ME is a french rapper and producer who has proven his talent for over 15 years on stages around the world. He moved to Phnom Penh a year ago to prepare his new album.

Diamond Moon Festival
Diamond Moon Festival

WW and DJ

Willy Wang and Dick Johnson is a London based acoustic rock tribute cover duo
formed by Jon “Willy Wang” Hartz Wild and Peter “Dick Johnson”Pahor.

Jon and Peter met in London in 2016 and the strong love for the rock music brought them to create an acoustic duo where they give a tribute to the best songs of classic artists like: Ac/Dc, Rolling Stones, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Oasis etc… The goal of the duo is to bring energy and fun to the audience rearranging on acoustic guitar classics of the history of rock like “Highway To Hell” and “Sweet Home Alabama”.

The very friendly approach to the audience made just by Peter’s guitar and Jon voice generate a great connection with the crowd that feel part of the show and not only audience.

Diamond Moon Festival

Vartey Ganiva

Variety Ganiva is one of a handful of Cambodian performers carving herself out a niche outside the well worn entertainment path of production house contracts.The outspoken Vartey does not fit into the usual archetype of shiny Khmer Pop singer.Although she also sings cover material ranging from tried and trusted classics to modern western pop, Vartey is slowly building a repertoire of original songs that deal with issues relevant to todays society.

Diamond Moon Festival